Brand Your Hats & Headwear

Add your logo to your chosen style to make it unique to your organisation.  We understand that your brand is valuable, and that reproducing it accurately is essential.   The most common methods of decoration are embroidery, printing or transfer, but we also offer the latest methods, taking branding to a new level.

Branding Types: Embroidery | Plastisol Transfer/Printing | Supacolour | Supasub Patches | Fully Customised Caps


Embroidery involves stitching your logo onto your caps with needle and thread using a special commercial embroidery machine.  The result is a hard-wearing, long-lasting option with a beautiful sheen from the high-quality threads we use.  Embroidery is the most traditional and still the most popular method of adding a logo to caps and hats.  It gives a premium quality result and it can include lots of distinct colours, however, there are limitations on where it can be applied to the cap.  Very small detail and lettering, as well as colour gradients, can’t be achieved with embroidery.

Plastisol Transfer/Printing

Plastisol transfer is the most common method of printing on caps.  Due to the curved surface of the cap, traditional screen printing is difficult, so instead the logo is reverse applied to a special paper, then transferred to the surface of the cap using heat.  One application is required for each colour in the logo, so this is a good method for logos with a limited number of colours.  It is also very cost effective and can reproduce logos with a lot of fine detail.  Colour gradients cannot be achieved with printing, and it can be expensive for logos with a large number of colours.


Supacolour is the latest technology in digital quality transfers.  All detail can be reproduced including unlimited colours, gradients, shading, fine detail and even photographs.  The result is a precise reproduction of your logo, no matter how complicated it is.  It has a beautiful soft matte finish, is durable and long-lasting and can be placed over seams and also on the peak of caps.  We highly recommend this method for complicated logos.  It can only be done on Atlantis or Legend caps, so if you are interested in this method of branding, please choose from those brands.

Supasub Patches

Supasub is the perfect combination of sublimation and embroidery.  Your logo is sublimated in digital quality, with exact colour matching, onto a patch of almost any shape.  This is then stitched onto your chosen style using an embroidered edge stitch, giving the best of both worlds.  Your logo is digitally reproduced, and the embroidered edge gives a quality look and feel.  It is ideal for beanies, which cannot be printed on.  It can only be done on Atlantis or Legend styles, so if you are interested in this method of branding please choose from those brands.

Other Options

We have a number of other methods of applying logos available, including 3D embroidery, metallic transfers, embossing, suede and leather patches and PVC badges.  Minimum order quantities apply to some of these methods.

Fully Customised Caps

From as little as 144 units, we can create a fully customised cap for you.  This includes choice of fabric, contrast inserts, choice of back closure, embroidery on the peak and many other options.  Click here to see the full range of customisation options.  Fully customised caps are made overseas and usually take 6-8 weeks.

Placement of your logo

There are several options for where your logo can be placed on caps and hats.  The usual placement options for branding are:

  • Centre front (most common)
  • Offset (over left or right eye)
  • Back (especially good for text, a website, or a phone number)
  • Either side
  • Supacolour can also be done on the peak of caps

On pre-made caps, we cannot place logos on the peak (other than Supacolour) or the strap.  These options are available on custom-made items.

Need Help?

We can help advise you on the best method of decorating your items.  Please contact us for assistance.