We can add logos to your headwear items.  The most common methods of decoration are embroidery or screen printing.


By stitching your logo onto your chosen items you get hard-wearing, long-lasting option.  Great for lots of colours but there are size restrictions.

Screen Printing

By printing your logo onto your chosen items you get a cost-effective branding solution.  Great when there are only a few colours and a larger effect is required.


The usual placement options for branding are:

  • Centre front
  • Back (especially good for text, a website or a phone number)
  • Sides

On pre-made caps we cannot place embroidery on the peak or the strap.  These options are available on custom made items though.

Custom-Made items

By adding your brand or logo during the production process, many more options for placement of your logo can be offered, including on the brim, crown or straps of caps or hats.  Minimum quantities are required (usually 144).

We can help advise you on the best method of decorating your items.  Please contact us for assistance.